Spring Clean: Five Top Interior Trends 

22nd March 2022

Spring Clean: Five Top Interior Trends 

Have you just moved house? Or have you been looking to put your stamp on your place for a while? We spotlight the latest five top trends for your home this season... 

  • Bring the outside in. Indoor plants are still of the moment; not only do they add some greenery into your home, but they also help to keep the air cleaner and increase oxygen levels. Think potted plants, standalone statement trees and hanging woven baskets with trailing plants. 

  • Minimalism. There’s a saying that a tidy home equals a tidy mind – with this look think clean lines and open spaces. Not sure where to put all of your stuff? Invest in storage solutions such as organisers, boxes and baskets. 

  • Add in textures. Whether it’s mixing up materials such as throws, cushion and rugs, use layering to add interest and depth to a room. Think about the finishing touches too – pampas grass, for example, adds volume and is architectural in style. 

  • Add in tones of Very Peri. Pantone has declared it the hue of the year, it has the qualities of blues with a violet-red undertone, and it can be incorporated into your décor, furnishings and accessories. 

  • Pops of yellow. Sure to brighten up any room, yellow is a mood-boosting colour and gives a gives a feeling of happiness in a space, from a statement chair to a bunch of daffodils, yellow is definitely not mellow! 

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